What Is Thazzy?

Thazzy is a WhatsApp clone that allows the user access to a wide variety of actions. You can send text messages or place free audio and video calls. This WhatsApp clone is compatible with both Android and IOS. Technically speaking, this app has one of the highest credentials on the market. This amazing app uses technologies that are definitely state of the art. This enables you to receive an experience that includes true real time messaging and allows you to use it to host a web server. The ability to place calls is included in the software's free source code. This signaling technology has been achieved for this purpose.

The WhatsApp clone script can guarantee your applications, even if they have millions of users viewing them. This is because of the databases technology. The server is based on a code containing a NodeJS, making it easy to use for a server of your own.

Registration is as easy as using the app. You use your phone number and have it authenticated. This way the server knows if you are a brand new user, or simply logging back in. The WhatsApp clone has a source code that will allow it to identify the users by their name and picture on their profile. The information in pre-loaded for ease of use and convenience.

Profile picture

The profile picture is initially estimating the standard of the user whom we are chatting with and this will increase the profile picture’s strategy.

Secret Chat

If the user wants to chat with an opponent user, they can have an option to keep the conversation in a secret manner.

Google drive backup

The complete history and the conversation are stored in the Google drive and the backup option is available to recall.

Custom stickers sharing

Different kinds of emojis are available to share the information through online, the stickers which are available here is revealing the exact information from the user.

Add/Remove an admin

Creating a Group conversation is achieved by an admin, after that, the members can add or remove an admin for the conversation.

Quick Loading

Our Thazzy app is designed in such a way that it loads faster and it can adapt to any server as well. It can also be uploaded to cloud servers

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WhatsApp clone script
Sharing contacts

The user can share contacts to the opponent user with whom the person is chatting with through online and this will lead an acquaintance of specific contact.

Location sharing

There is an availability of finding the exact location of the particular user while we are in a contact with them through online.

QR code for web log-in

To the convenience of the user, this is possible by using the QR code; the user can log-in their web profile to have an online conversation.

Transmitting the audios, videos, and images

Sharing the unforgettable moments in the form of Audios, videos or the Images especially the GIF animated videos are possible to send.

Individual chat

In the Gacie site, by using the Thazzy clone script, the user can have a one to one chat with unlimited messages for an efficient conversation.

Group chat

If the single user wants to chat with a number of people, they can chat through the group conversation by adding different contacts in the same group.

Instant chat

With the help of this feature, the person can easily send the desired text to the opponent user within a fraction of the time.


Each and every action is updated to the user to access the complete details about its performance and it can be achieved through online.

WhatsApp clone


What Is Thazzy?

Using Facebook to import your profile picture is a snap. This is done while you are in the process of signing into the app. The app is able to upload your picture and use it for keeping records. Upon the first time you sign in, all your contacts are automatically synced. This way the source code is able to identify any of the users phone contact information that is already there. All of the contacts are done in real time status and anyone who joins later on can find the contacts in the favorites section.

Updating your status is easy when using the Wechat clone. This too is updated only in real time. There is an available list of messages in fixed status or custom messages can be selected by the user and set as well. This is done exactly the same way it is on the Whatsapp clone.

There is also a screen containing all the chat history. This is found on the telegram clone. Since this is also real time, if anyone changes their image in the profile, this screen will change the image as well. This is possible because there is a message count that is un-seen and is located within the source code for the telegram.

Chatting takes on new meaning when done in real time. You can see these messages as soon as they hit the server. You can also see when messages have been read completely. You can even see when the person who received the message is currently typing.

Lock chat

If the people want to keep the chat of the particular user in a locking manner, they can prefer this option with the conversation.

Instant notifications

The notifications which are updating the proper details about the online conversation and the actions are achieved in an instant manner.

Block chats

The people can have an option to block the opponent user who is interrupting or sending unwanted messages in an online conversation.

Inviting the contacts

There is a possibility for a group conversation and for this; the specific user can add some other users to chat through online.

Starred messages

In the online conversation, the user can save a particular conversation permanently. The user can recall those with the support of the starred feature.

Mute chats

Muting the chats will lead the user to receive the messages without getting any notification on a respective platform of service.

Message info

Are you confused with the message format which has to be sent to the opponent user? This feature will deliver the complete information about the messages.

Setting the background wallpapers

On the screen, there is an availability of the Wallpapers which is placed as a background of the conversation window.

Email chat history

The chat history will be stored in the main memory of the conversation and it can be subsequently recalled by the service.

In message reply

The user can have an option for the reply to the messages which has received from the opponent user and it occurs very instantly.

Chat archives

The catalog for the conversation or list of messages is available in this clone scripts which is providing a similar feature of Whatsapp.

Setting the profile status

Making profile status is an advanced thing to have and this process will be achieved with the help of an authenticated user.

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$99 Per Month
  • Fully Responsive
  • Clean Design
  • Tons of Features
  • Awesome Shortcodes
  • Easy to Customize


$119 Per Month
  • Fully Responsive
  • Clean Design
  • Tons of Features
  • Awesome Shortcodes
  • Easy to Customize


$139 Per Month
  • Fully Responsive
  • Clean Design
  • Tons of Features
  • Awesome Shortcodes
  • Easy to Customize


$119 Per Month
  • Fully Responsive
  • Clean Design
  • Tons of Features
  • Awesome Shortcodes
  • Easy to Customize


Frequently Asking Questions

First, we request the client to use the demo version before making a purchase. During demo version, you have any queries means you can contact us via Skype/live chat. Once you purchased the full pack, we won't process any refunds. If you face any issues during installation our technical team will guide you via Skype, live chat, email etc.

Absolutely yes! We will give full support after the purchase of the product like doing customization, fixing bugs etc.

The script is bug-free and will work without any issue because it tested completely. If you need any customization change we are happy to do it with an hourly price. For further clarification please contact info@Gacie.com for customization cost.

Payment and Currency

One exciting feature is the ability for customers to pay their fare using their credit or debit card instead of cash like traditional companies. They can also process payments using electronic gateways if they choose to do so. More so, users and drivers can change the currency to the one of their choosing via the booking app. This simple process requires a few clicks through the setting section of the app and is so easy that anyone can do it.

Ready Made and Customizable Scripts

With a uber clone, users can use the ready-made scripts that are available to them if it suits their needs. Unfortunately, made companies have specific requirements that a ready-made script does not have. Rideyo offers a solution to this common problem by providing a scalable script that users can customize to meet their needs.

Confirmation Options

In order to make sure everything is right, users can use the confirmation Option offered within the app. This allows users to confirm that the destination, pickup, and times are all correct before a driver's dispatched. Not only does this save companies and customers time, it prevent unnecessary mistakes that could cost companies money and the loss of potential customers.

Improved Communication

Communication is key when it comes to satisfying customers and ensuring a smooth hassle free experience. With the private messenger option, drivers and passengers can communicate freely to make sure that all parties are meeting the requirements and expectations of the other party. It also provides a resource for passengers to ask drivers questions about their service.

Optimized For User Experience

Accessing an app or website via any device will not matter if it’s difficult for users to use. Users will be able to navigate through the website with ease and have optimal viewing experiences with its responsive software features. In addition, any clone app cam be customized to avoid having customers partake in unnecessary clicks that would otherwise distract them. This allows them to go straight to their destination with less information.

Battery Consumption

It isn’t enough for an app to just be useful and offer great services. Smartphone users look at every aspect of an app to see if it will suit their needs. Many people do not want to install or even attempt to use an app if it is going to kill their phone by using up the battery life. With Rideyo, users no longer have to worry because each app will use the least allowable amount of battery consumption. Making the app useful and convenient.

Security and Privacy

When using an app or website that requires the use of personal information it’s aways important to make sure that the proper security measures are in place to protect everyone’s privacy and avoid identity theft. The data encryption software provided with each clone will keep all personal information like credit card numbers, financial institutions, address, and all other information safe from hackers. Additionally, information from users are not shared with third parties.

In order to have a successful taxi or cab business it is imperative to get into the right marketplace that will bring in the most revenue for your company. Uber set a model business platform that every company can now use by getting their own clone script. Passengers have fallen in love with this form of service and businesses could lose millions of dollars by not taking advantage of such a lucrative opportunity. Businesses can have their niche market set up quickly and move on to creating a better business for everyone involved.

Are you ready to work with us? Let's grow your business.

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