Rideyo - Uber Clone Script

What Is Rideyo?

Rideyo is a uber clone script, also known as a turn-key script, which launch’s an instant app like uber. This mobile application gives users the ability to not only start-up and regulate their own taxi business, but it also allows users to hire taxi services like uber more efficiently. This creates a simplified way to book and use a service by simply clicking a button through a mobile app and advancing the future of a sharing economy by turning it into an on demand marketplace.

After uber's creation it led to millions of satisfied customers to fall in love with the convenience and ease of hiring a taxi/cab driver without having to make a phone call or flag one down on the side of the road. In return, uber became one of the most successful business models of the century and inspired new generations to create a similar method of providing services by developing a uber clone script. In fact, millions of new startup companies have already created their uber clone to advance their businesses.

Rideyo provided users with all the resources they need to have a successful and efficient business that eliminates the hassle associated with your typical taxi or cab services. Business and users will no longer have to worry about drivers sitting idle, no more wasting expensive fuel by taking incorrect routes or by going to fake pickup calls, and no more passengers sitting in que. In addition, Rideyo has knowledgeable dispatchers that will help drivers get to know their passengers before they ever have to leave to pick them up.

Booking History

Every customer and driver can view the others service history. This allows everyone to know what the other one preferred in regards to service.

Change/Cancel a Booking

Customers can be rest assured knowing that they can change or cancel their booking at any point.

Custom Profiles

In order to get a better feel for what a customer needs or what a driver will offer, users can create custom Profiles that’s viewable to everyone.

Separate App for Driver & User

It would be too confusing to have everyone using the same app, which is why everyone gets their own personal app to use. One app's designed for drivers, and one for passengers.

Notifications and Alerts

Drivers and riders can quickly and easily send messages and alerts to one another which will alert the person vis notification


Users can now see which cars are available by looking for the Active and inactive status, if driver is online it will shot to the user as an active driver

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Electronic Billing

Users can pay using electronic billing like paying via credit/debit card, netbanking etc,. and they no need to use cash all the time.

Email Receipts

After the payment the receipt of the payment will be automatically sent to the Customers Email id provided.

Additional Contact

Should a driver be unable to reach a rider via their information, riders can offer an emergency contact that they driver can call for further information.

SEO Optimization

To help get the best for your business, the urls created will be SEO friendly and this allows you to get best SEO results effectively.

Tracking Capabilities

Rideyo offers a tacking option that's available to both drivers and passengers. This allows them to both track where the other one is, pinpointing their exact location.

Mapping Facilities

Now users will be able to see the cars direction of travel and the route they will be taking to pick them up and drop them off at their destination.

Customers Search Options

The search has been improvised where they can search by location, price range, and category to find the options that best suits them.

Drivers Localization

In order to avoid getting requests for services you do not do, there is a localization feature that allows drivers to localize their services by selecting the countries and regions they service.

Uber clone script

Why Chose Rideyo?

What Is Rideyo?

Having millions of companies create their own uber clone apps can create a very competitive marketplace. Leaving new start-ups wondering why they should choose to do the same with Rideyo when they must compete with so many other companies. While there are many companies who have already began their business through a uber clone, there are various investors available who are willing to invest millions of dollars to new start-ups that are unique to other companies. In addition, the use of smartphones are on the rise which drives the demand for company apps that meet their requirements of high performance, usability, and ease of use. In fact, Gartner INC has predicted that by 2019, mobile phone purchases will exceed 2.1 billion units.

More over, a uber clone will offer users with top quality and comprehensive solution to manage a taxi business without having to make a huge investment. It's guaranteed to enhance your business and triple the revenue that’s currently being brought in. It’s an all in one app that allows users to automate all aspects of the business including billing, booking, customer management, accounting, dispatching, and more.

Every uber clone will come with its own specific features designed for maximum usability and function. With Rideyo, users will have access to the same features as other clone software that companies offer, however, they will also have access to a whole new set of features that other companies have yet to blend into their program.

Rating Feature

The rating feature allows customers to express their feelings towards the services they received and allow drivers to improve problematic areas.

Price Calculator

The price caculation is completely automatic and it calculates based on kms/mi and time. The surge pricing concept has also been included.

Easy Sign Up

The signup process is very easy and hassle free as users can also signup with their social media accounts like facebook, twitter etc,...

Social Media Integration

Top social medias like facebook, twitter and google plus has been integrated with the app for easy promotional purposes.

Wider audience

With this app you can easily reach a wider audience as it is multi lingual and multi currency supportive .

Potential Investors

If you are a startup and looking to start your business, you can easily get potential investors to market with this app.

Simple & Hassle Free

The whole business process is simply a replica of uber and it is completely simple and hassle free process.

Regular Updates

Rideyo updates its version regularly every few weeks and we give free updates to all customers to who have purchased the script.

Customer Support

Gacie offers wide customer support to all its users via, skype, email, phone and also via live chat support on website.

Easily Classify Cars

You can add any number of variety of cars and it is completely dynamic to make it convenient for the admin to make changes.

Multiple Languages

Rideyo supports multiple languages and it will be easy for you to start your business with this app worldwide.

Automatic Payments

Payment can be loaded into the wallet and it can be used anywhere, anytime. All payments are completely automatic


In order to have a flawless transition between tablets and mobile phones, Rideyo has built-in software to make the app completely compatible

Multiple Email Templates

With the script and app you will get predefined email templates along with the app.

World View Of Fleet

If you open the app and browse through the map you can easily check the availability of cars anywhere int he whole world

Realtime Booking

All the bookings done are real time booking and it is sent to nearby drivers instantly from user app to driver app.

Our Prices

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$99 Per Month
  • Fully Responsive
  • Clean Design
  • Tons of Features
  • Awesome Shortcodes
  • Easy to Customize


$119 Per Month
  • Fully Responsive
  • Clean Design
  • Tons of Features
  • Awesome Shortcodes
  • Easy to Customize


$139 Per Month
  • Fully Responsive
  • Clean Design
  • Tons of Features
  • Awesome Shortcodes
  • Easy to Customize


$119 Per Month
  • Fully Responsive
  • Clean Design
  • Tons of Features
  • Awesome Shortcodes
  • Easy to Customize


Frequently Asking Questions

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Payment and Currency

One exciting feature is the ability for customers to pay their fare using their credit or debit card instead of cash like traditional companies. They can also process payments using electronic gateways if they choose to do so. More so, users and drivers can change the currency to the one of their choosing via the booking app. This simple process requires a few clicks through the setting section of the app and is so easy that anyone can do it.

Ready Made and Customizable Scripts

With a uber clone, users can use the ready-made scripts that are available to them if it suits their needs. Unfortunately, made companies have specific requirements that a ready-made script does not have. Rideyo offers a solution to this common problem by providing a scalable script that users can customize to meet their needs.

Confirmation Options

In order to make sure everything is right, users can use the confirmation Option offered within the app. This allows users to confirm that the destination, pickup, and times are all correct before a driver's dispatched. Not only does this save companies and customers time, it prevent unnecessary mistakes that could cost companies money and the loss of potential customers.

Improved Communication

Communication is key when it comes to satisfying customers and ensuring a smooth hassle free experience. With the private messenger option, drivers and passengers can communicate freely to make sure that all parties are meeting the requirements and expectations of the other party. It also provides a resource for passengers to ask drivers questions about their service.

Optimized For User Experience

Accessing an app or website via any device will not matter if it’s difficult for users to use. Users will be able to navigate through the website with ease and have optimal viewing experiences with its responsive software features. In addition, any clone app cam be customized to avoid having customers partake in unnecessary clicks that would otherwise distract them. This allows them to go straight to their destination with less information.

Battery Consumption

It isn’t enough for an app to just be useful and offer great services. Smartphone users look at every aspect of an app to see if it will suit their needs. Many people do not want to install or even attempt to use an app if it is going to kill their phone by using up the battery life. With Rideyo, users no longer have to worry because each app will use the least allowable amount of battery consumption. Making the app useful and convenient.

Security and Privacy

When using an app or website that requires the use of personal information it’s aways important to make sure that the proper security measures are in place to protect everyone’s privacy and avoid identity theft. The data encryption software provided with each clone will keep all personal information like credit card numbers, financial institutions, address, and all other information safe from hackers. Additionally, information from users are not shared with third parties.

In order to have a successful taxi or cab business it is imperative to get into the right marketplace that will bring in the most revenue for your company. Uber set a model business platform that every company can now use by getting their own clone script. Passengers have fallen in love with this form of service and businesses could lose millions of dollars by not taking advantage of such a lucrative opportunity. Businesses can have their niche market set up quickly and move on to creating a better business for everyone involved.

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