Zasens - Airbnb Clone Script

What is Zasen?

Zasens Airbnb Script allows you to easily launch your new booking website Are you looking to create or improve your online rental business? Zasen is an Airbnb clone script that makes it easy for you to seamlessly create your own online rental business.If you’re looking for the best way to adapt your online property rental business Zasen is the easiest way to quickly develop your page without having to worry about developing your own script. Its Airbnb clone script allows you to create a dynamic rental business online that works much like the popular Airbnb website.

This script makes has been tested and perfected so that you can use your precious time working on making your business run flawlessly and stand out against other competition. You won’t need to worry about whether your website and mobile apps are performing the way they ought to.

PayPal Adaptive

You can set up a wide variety of payment options including securely using PayPal as well as any major credit card to quickly generate income for your clients.

SEO Friendly

The Zasen Airbnb clone is SEO friendly allowing you to easily create great content that can quickly be used for search engine optimization. This allows you to create pages that quickly get hits from internet searches.

Affiliate Pages

Easily work with your affiliate sites to streamline pages together and more seamlessly generate profits. This allows you to give your clients the best possible product and experience.

Private Beta Mode

This allows you to get your site perfect before launching it to public use, you can test it and find any unintended glitches. Your users will get the best possible experience.

Plug in Friendly

The platform is completely plugin friendly allowing you to add a wide variety extra features.

Advertisement Banner

Want to promote a specific site or allow your hosts to purchase adds? It’s never been Easier to add advertisements to your page to promote feature properties or one of your other projects.

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Airbnb clone script
Template Management

Zasen’s Airbnb clone comes with an excellent template management feature, giving you a tremendous amount of adaptability and allows you to find the best template for your business’s website.

Captcha Ready

With advertisements in mind, no one likes spam pop-ups. The code is ready for use with Captcha so that your users won’t have to experience any annoying spam. That way only the advertisements you want shared will be.

Email Templates

A wide range of email templates also exist, allowing you to easily reach your clients. These templates are carefully crafted so you can be satisfied knowing that your message will be heard.

Bulk Email Option

A wide range of bulk email options exist. By using the bulk email management system and email templates communicating special offers, new features, and exciting events have never been easier.

Maintenance Mode

Allows for you to easily maintain your site without disrupting your clients, and run quality control so that your client’s experiences are minimally disrupted.

Static Page Management

Making it quick and easy to update your site without using a complex code and helping you to quickly deliver fresh content.

Easy Cancelations

No one likes to cancel plans, but life happens. The easy cancellation feature allows guests and hosts easily cancel in case something happens and the initial plans don’t work out.

Private Messaging

Zasen is built with a private messaging feature so hosts and guests can easily communicate their booking plans. This is in addition to the easy booking features, that way any special needs can be conveniently communicated.

Airbnb clone script

Why Chose Zasen?

Launching a new business or making major improvements to your existing one is stressful. Zasen provides you with a beautiful and adaptive platform so your business maintains its unique qualities. As a business person, you understand the importance of standing out in a crowd and so simply cloning Airbnb is not enough. Zasen includes numerous features to make your life easier and allows for your business stand out against the competition.

Easy Booking Features

Allows your guests to easily book their accommodations and hosts to quickly know who has booked.

Advanced Search Option

The Zasen Airbnb clone script comes with an easy to use advanced search option allowing for guests to easily refine their searches to find the exact property they are looking for. Easier searches gives you happier clients!

Wish List Search Feature

Allows guests to create a wish list feature so that guests can find that perfect accommodation or accommodations that nearly match what they are looking for. Meaning your guests will be happy and comfortable in the room of their dreams.

Currency Converter

Zasen comes with a built-in currency converter allowing foreign travelers to easily pay for the accommodations and making host and guests transactions stress-free.

Market Insights

Hosts are able to see insights into who is looking at and booking their accommodations. This allows hosts to more successfully market to potential clients and improve their accommodations pages.

Usage Fee Option

You want to give your hosts and guests the best possible experience by vetting hosts and guests, but this can be expensive to do. You can charge hosts, guests, or both a usage fee to help cover these costs.

Multi Language Support

Allows for multiple languages to be used on the site, adding another layer of ease for international travelers.

Property Collection

Hosts can easily sort their properties into a collection so guests can properties that belong to hosts they have had good experiences with and allow hosts to easily market all of their properties.

Enhanced Admin Dashboard

The enhanced dashboard allows for easy administration of your new site. Its intuitive layout means minimized stress when trying to make changes. Additionally, the intuitive host and guest dashboards allow for easy navigation by all users.

Full Spectrum of Social Marketing Options

Social marketing is an important feature on any site. With Zasen you can allow for Facebook sharing, Facebook marketing, and a whole host of other social marketing platforms. It’s never been easier to get your name out there.

Feedback on Host and Traveler

Allows both hosts and travelers to leave feedback. The last thing you want is for a bad guest to be in your system ruining the experience for everyone else.

Dispute Management System

No one wants to have disputes between their clients, but the fact is they happen. With Zasen’s dispute management system you can fairly resolve disputes between hosts and guests. This program uses a feature to allow you eliminate biases so you can be sure you aren’t allowing your own unseen biases to ruin your client’s experience.

Refund System

Much like disputes no one wants to think someone will be unhappy with their service, but it happens. Zasen has designed an easy to use refund system to keep your clients happen when the refunds must be given.

Car Rental Feature

Allows you to rent cars from your site or easily link to an affiliated care rental business, further providing your clients with the best possible experience.

Flexible Booking Blocks

You can set up your new site to have hourly booking blocks, daily or even weekly or monthly booking blocks. This gives you an extraordinary amount of flexibility in use; whether you want to use it for creating a crowd-sourced hall rental platform or a monthly professional accommodations finder. The Zasen platform can be used for any of these or any other type of booking.

Our Prices

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$99 Per Month
  • Fully Responsive
  • Clean Design
  • Tons of Features
  • Awesome Shortcodes
  • Easy to Customize


$119 Per Month
  • Fully Responsive
  • Clean Design
  • Tons of Features
  • Awesome Shortcodes
  • Easy to Customize


$139 Per Month
  • Fully Responsive
  • Clean Design
  • Tons of Features
  • Awesome Shortcodes
  • Easy to Customize


$119 Per Month
  • Fully Responsive
  • Clean Design
  • Tons of Features
  • Awesome Shortcodes
  • Easy to Customize


Frequently Asking Questions

We possess within us two minds. So far I have written only of the conscious mind. I would now like to introduce you to your second mind, the hidden and mysterious subconscious. Our subconscious mind contains such power.

More Highlighting Features

Zasen’s Airbnb clone comes with numerous features making it the leading clone on the market and allowing you to easily launching your new booking platform. It is designed to make your life easier and to give your clients the best possible experience.

Adaptive to Mobile Devices

This Airbnb clone runs seamlessly on any web browser as well as Apple and Android mobile devices, allowing your hosts and guests to easily access to your business on the road or from the comfort of their own home.

Easily Adaptable to Other Uses

If you’re looking to create a rental business for wedding halls or meeting halls Zasen can also help you with this. It’s never been easier with the hourly booking feature to adapt an Airbnb clone to other booking features.


The script is completely customizable so that you can adapt it to whatever your needs are. For a nominal fee, Gacie’s engineers will even help you adapt the features of your site so it is exactly what you want.

Google Page Speed

Works with Google page speed so that you can maximize your page speed.

Creates a Secure Platform

This is a secure platform that allows your clients to operate with a peace of mind that all of their transactions will be safe.

Easy to Use Commissions Based Fees

Easily set and collect commissions from your hosts. You can even adapt your commissions for your best clients. This way you to keep your income coming in without having to regularly invoice your clients or worry that you won’t get paid.

Login History

Allows you to see login in history to maximize your marketing potential and target more potential clients.

Upload Video Option

This platform is built to accommodate large amounts data; hosts can easily upload videos of their accommodations. Meaning, each property will really pop out for the guests and they can find exactly what they’re looking for, getting a virtual experience.

Social Login

Guests can easily use their Facebook or Google+ profile to log into your new booking site. Allowing new hosts and guests to easily create a profile so they can get to advertising and booking accommodations quickly.

Accurate Calendar Setting

No one likes to find their accommodations double booked, the accurate calendar feature prevents this headache.

Integration With Google Maps

Hosts can easily put their accommodation location on google maps, allowing for guests to quickly find where they will be staying and check out what cool features are around their accommodation. The guests conveniently use Google maps to get directions from wherever they are traveling from.

Property Reviews

Allows guests to leave reviews of their stay. This helps other guests easily find the ideal accommodations.

Most Popular Property Spotlight

Allows you to highlight the most popular properties on your site or for specific regions to generate excitement and more business for your best hosts.

Customer Service

Zesan was designed by Gacie and is backed up by their excellent customer service. If you have any questions or need assistance one Gacie’s helpful customer service agents would be more than happy to assist you.

Act Now!

With such a great product why wait? Act now and get your online rental business up and running in hours instead of days or weeks.

Login History

Allows you to see login in history to maximize your marketing potential and target more potential clients.

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